Fan Reaction Driving Anime

Today is a continuation of the Audience Appeal In Anime but in a different light. I am wanting to discuss aspects of anime that make it more convincing on the idea of appeal and fan reaction. Anime is a medium where a story is told and expressed through various literary techniques. Sometimes, the complexity of anime can a show more intriguing than those with a simpler plot, but generally, the simple or complex argument does matter. The likeability of a show solely depends on the viewer’s impressions while specific appeals can strengthen the overall impression. One appeal is the storytelling and how it expresses a sense of higher interest. From the New World tells a story of the old meets new in a post-apocalyptic setting 1000 years later. The anime storytelling foretells the events of humanity on the brim of extinction, genetic experiments, and controversial topics at times.  Just as storytelling is a factor in appeal, we also have corruption where individuals practice unethical ideas of lies or falsification. Attack On Titan has officials who are lying to the public about the world outside of the walls. When these types of situations play out, we have everyone on high alert similar to the public outraged in Attack On Titan. Feelings for a person and other people are possible impacts on fan reactions. White Album 2 explores the concept of love and how it sometimes should not be ignored in life. Shyness accounts for missed opportunities in life and even expressing love in relationships. The source material for this post is a question from Quora. What is the appeal of anime is answered by Shinsekai Yori Tenshi on the first answer to the question and has a YouTube channel of AnimePianoAngel?

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