False Prophets in Anime

Anime is a platform where lots of ideas are considered and done in the industry. The creativity of anime is sometimes spot on and other times are just straight up genius. Being creativity comes in many ways and different creators take many approaches to how they present the anime or story of their passion. The innovation being applied today is making characters and making them seem human with many secrets about them. The post is about characters who seem innocent but actually are hiding in broad daylight. Misleading is one thing that these characters do best which are Inquisitor Mozgus (Berserk), Enrico Pucci (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure), Father Cornello (Fullmetal Alchemist), Donato Porpora (Tokyo Ghoul), and Father Enrico Maxwell (Hellsing). A common link of all these characters is either false prophets or sinful leaders of religion. Inquisitor Mozgus, who is from Berserk, follows a dark path of protecting heresy gone bad. He is a perfect representation of what the world of Berserk has to offer and continues to poison his followers with lies. Enrico Pucci is a priest who is misguided in the pursuit of advancing his power of the Heaven stand. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure really has some wacky characters and Pucci’s ability of time warping is really a crazy thing to imagine. Father Cornello uses alchemy to achieve false miracles and slowly gains a reputation of city leader in Liore. In the Fullmetal Alchemist anime, he is depicted as a twisted and self-absorbed person. Donato Porpora is a wolf in sheep’s fur because of the ghoulish creature in Toyko Ghoul. He abuses his priesthood in the orphanage for his relentless appetite for humans. Father Enrico Maxwell rids the world of Nazi vampires throughout the Hellsing series. However, his priest outlook on life does not apply to the innocents he has killed for the anti-vampire campaign. The blog is inspired by Brittany Vincent from SyFy Wire, and let’s hope that other religious leaders do not follow the path of the ones discussed.


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