Exposing Anime and Its Secrets

It is interesting to take a look at the art styles reflected in anime. The style is a direct variation of the creator and the staff helping to produce the animated versions of the drawings. The staff is really the ones who are under immense pressure to continue and aid the anime industry of production houses. A startling fact of how much time it takes to produce one 30 minute episode is about three weeks usually with about 100 people helping the episode. The only option to overcome the super long process is to partner with other production companies or divide the tasks with multiple departments to get the series ready for streaming. Working in the anime industry is a very taxing job and the workload is absurd to even fathom. According to NISHIl_terumi on twitter, she feels sad when a young anime fan would ask of it being worth it and coming over to Japan to make anime. Her response includes the answer to saying “…it is not advisable to come to Japan and participate in anime work.”; for she is “overworked” in her career. Animation has “high quality” and has a “low budget” and yet, animators work for “low wages and long hours.” The usual compensation for a beginning animator is about 80,000 yen which roughly converts to about $716 in America. Probably, one of the most frustrating things in the animation industry are cartoons are more likely to award the staff depending on the success of the show or movie. However, “Anime is different.”, for having no ‘royalties’ nor ‘income distribution’ in place for successful anime. ThomasRomain shares a personal of a friend working for an anime commercial for 55 hours straight; and as a result, his health greatly declined due to overworking. I absolutely agree with him saying that “A lot of people in the Japanese anime industry just lost common sense. Horrible conditions are becoming the norm.” I do not know why the conditions have gotten this bad in Japan. I feel that the traditional style of anime is heavily guarded and it never left from the first instances of the origins it came from. Another thing to add, Japan is stuck in a time loop of keeping old customs especially embracing its origins of paper-based drawing. The digital age has not caught up yet for artists as it has for anime streaming on the internet. So, if you want to be an animator, then it is probably a good idea to be a freelancer and work for yourself. I hope working conditions improve in the anime industry. My challenge for those reading this entry is to please take a stand and become advocates for high deserving employees of anime that are overlooked. I personally thank Brian Ashcraft for his time and commitment to gathering various tweets about this issue in anime.


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