DVDs Transforming Anime

Anime has always adapted to mediums for broadcasting the entertainment of the content out to the public. The various mediums include VHS tapes, cable tv studios, drawing, online streaming, and even film on reels. The industry has undergone several changes but the one that might have had the greatest impact is the DVD. Before the age of the DVD, Japanese companies would try to sell their content to the international community and not showing the beginning and closing credits. America is one of those countries who thought that outsourcing would be a problem with advertising anime from Japan. Instead, they either made their own credits in English or have no credits at all. The goal was to make the anime material as less foreign as possible and without the presence of the credits is one way to do just that. Blame is put towards the 70s and 80s where distributors wanted the appeal of a show to have the feeling as another tv show in a country. Often, the process of making their own credits was subpar to those of the Japanese variety. As a response to this, produces of anime reacted with shelving of anime copies of openers and closers without the Japanese characters for international buyers. The idea of the DVD copies for digital access prompted extra content and the widespread notion of bonuses. Bonuses are money selling points where DVDs use added content as an endorsement launching new entertainment. DVDs changed how the interpretation of credits was viewed throughout anime and the fans. It took years later and the introduction of a new platform for streaming to even take off. People sometimes really do not do know the true worth of something until it is too late. I think that this what happened when people underestimated the true worth of credits in anime. DVDs might have been super popular but DVDs in Japan was treated “conservatively”. The word for stuffing content for bonuses was coined as a motive towards profit. The trend of adding bonuses might have transformed DVDs into a household name; however, it is a different story now. We can have content with “clean openings and endings” and now enjoy anime in a new light. What we treasure now in anime is all thanks to the innovation of great proportions? This was a segment from AnswerMan on Anime News Network by Justin Sevakis.


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