Dimensions in Bleach Anime

Dimensions in Bleach Anime

The mystical world of Bleach entangles its viewers in a quest to find the next supernatural journey. Other dimensions divide the audience between various side quests of the unknown. As a result, many tensions are sometimes created; At the mention of the otherworldly and paranormal. Dimensions can be defined as a plane of existence different from our own. Additionally, all dimensions have various features unfamiliar to newcomers in that particular astral plane. If a show like Bleach would use this plane of life, it usually has a metaphorical meaning and plot devices for viewer entertainment. In the anime Bleach, there are eight significant dimensions. These include The Human World, Soul Society, Soul King Palace, Schatten Bereich, Hueco Mundo, Hell, Dangai, and The Valley of Screams.

Humanity has always had an Earth in its realm. In Bleach, the human world is called The World of the Living. Most humans in Bleach are average, run of the mill, characters who usually have low spiritual pressures. However, there are some exceptions to this. A great example of this is seen within Ichigo’s family, but humans are easy targets for Hollows. Hollows continuously invade the World of the Living for their usual dosage of human souls; Which are devoured for higher levels of power. The central place for this conflict is Karakura Town. Most of the time, it is the epicenter for Hollow activity. Keeping this in mind, humans are in danger at all times, and need a higher-order to protect them like the Soul Society.

The Soul Society is known for its protector role with humans and souls. They generally represent the peacekeepers of Bleach, and often administer their influence with soul reapers. Soul Reapers are the ones who uphold the laws/fundamental roles of The Soul Society. Cosmic balance is kept in order via the soul reapers, and human souls pass over to their afterlife. As a whole, Soul Society gets guidance from the Soul King; Who lives in The Palace of The Soul King. The Soul’s Palace is completely separate from the Soul Society. It resides in a different realm, which The Oken ( a key exclusively obtainable by nobles in the Soul King’s Palace) grants passage. Keep in mind that another dimension will appear in their capital, Seireitei. Said capital goes by the name Schatten Bereich; A hidden place within the Seireitei that acts as the Quincy stronghold. Next up we have Hueco Mundo, or a world where the infamous hollows reside.

Hueco Mundo translates to,”a hollow world” in Spanish, and lies between the Soul Society/Human Realm. We first see traces of Hueco Mundo in the pilot episode. Compared to other dimensions, Hueco Mundo has dark skies and white sand all around; Acting as a desert wasteland. It is so desolate that the tree-like structures are made of quartz, and reflect the underground Menos Forest. The Menos Forest consists of several low ranked hollows and even Menos Grandes; A collection of 100,000 hollows in one body which are as tall as a building and no intelligence. During the Hueco Mundo Arc, we see an area with more exploration and a more in-depth plot like Las Noches castle. If you want to enter or leave this place, then you need to open a Garganta; A black void of space that acts as a portal to pass through, and connects to other dimensions. When hollows die, they enter the cycle of rebirth in the Soul Society. However, a select few go to Hell for their sins as a human (not a Hollow).

According to Rukia, “If the spirit committed heinous crimes as a Human, they are sent through the Gates of Hell instead of Soul Society.” The first time that The Underworld is mentioned is by a hollow named Shrieker. Ichigo then slashes his hollow mask, and the Gates of Hell are opened. At this point, hell is not mentioned until Bleach: The Hell Verse movie. In Bleach: The Hell Verse, Ichigo has to go to Hell. When in Hell, Shuren kidnaps Yuzu, Ichigo’s sister. As a result, the viewers are shown the 5 various levels of Hell. The inhabitants of this realm go by the name of Togabito (this word means Sinners). Togabitos usually remain in Hell, but, at certain times, particular circumstances occur. As a result, these individuals conceal themselves to avoid the Kushanāda. Kushanāda are the guardians of Hell and maintain social order. Whether it be guilty hollows, or Togabitos escapes, Hell is unusual; For, it predates the Human World, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo.

Furthermore, the Bleach universe has many realms which all contain unique characteristics/purpose in the story. Before I go, there are two other essential dimensions, The Dangai and Valley of Screams. These two dimensions reside in the Garganta and contain big plotlines. The Dangai acts as a corridor between the Human World and Soul Society. Later, it reveals Dangai Ichigo in extensive training for Aizen. The Valley of Screams, the major plot for Bleach: Memories of Nobody movie is, is similar to purgatory; Where lost souls reside. This world stems from the Dangai and later serves as an invasion option for the Soul King Palace.

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