Dimension W Manga Saying Goodbye

Manga drives the anime for the series and sometimes the timeline in finishing is too soon. The end of a storyline might be disappointing to fans but it has to end at some point. Just because a manga ends it does not mean it is the end for the anime series depending on the popularity of the franchise. As the title suggests, Dimension W is about a strange phenomenon in which is another world existing in the fabric of space. The newly discovered hole in space has its uses like device called Coils trapping the energy and converts into an alternative power source. The story begins in 2072, 36 years later when Dimension W first appeared, with registered Coils and unregistered Coils being used in the series. This new power source runs products such as cell phones to cars in renewable energy. People start escaping the policies of New Telsa Energy when it comes to register Coils and use makeshift versions as unregistered Coils. A set of bounty hunters named the Collectors to enforce the law onto fugitives using illegal products Among these collectors, there is Kyouma Mabuchi who hates Coils and soon meets an unexpected gynoid. This gynoid has a robot body and goes by the name of Mira Yurizaki who is a daughter of New Tesla’s founder. Mira joins Mabuchi in the fight for illegal Coils and uncovers secrets about them as well. Dimension W will enter in its last stage for the manga for the final chapter ending in June. June 25th, 2019, marks the official end of the manga and has an endearing impact on the fans. The entire series includes the 15 volumes for the manga and the first season of 12 episodes in English subs and dubbing. Companies of Young Gangan, Monthly Big Gangan, Square Enix, and Yen Press are the ones for bringing the manga. On the other hand, Studio 3HZ, Orange, Japan TV networks Funimation, Toonami, and other distributors all are responsible in some way for the anime. Finally, a series of this multitude deserves a shout out to the creator himself, Yūji Iwahara, for creating such a masterpiece of the future and Sci-Fi genre combined together.



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