Debut of New Boruto Credits

The new opener and ending for the Boruto Next Generations series is debuting in April. The opening is supposed to be the fifth opening and ending is supposed to be the fourteenth ending in the series. The debuting opening is “Golden Time” by Fujifabric and the debuting ending is “Ride or Die” by Skypeace. However, the last time there was an opening, there was Team 7 trying defeating a beast of unknown origins. The beast could be like Nue and be hard to defeat. The only thing that is concerning about the series is the anime and manga being close in nature.  The creator states that both adaptations are parallel in storylines meaning some things happening in one would happen in the other at some point. What is being asked is whether or not the anime will continue to have filler plots? Who knows the new beast could debut in the manga as well. Having the new credits, could make the series more excited for what is to come or disappointed depending the overall reactions from the fanbase. Whatever the new arc is, I believe in the creator of Naruto and the passion for one series would go to the other series.

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