Death Note: Special One-Shot



The one-shot spin-off of Death Note was published recently. I’m not sure if it was needed but we’ve got it here. It was surprisingly good and reminds us of how much we have missed the world of Death Note. 

The modern-day spin-off one shot of Death Note is a fantastic idea on paper but I do wish they did it slightly better. I’m thinking that be Kira should’ve had (spoiler for original anime/manga) a better death and this one-off manga does kind of make that worse by foreshadowing into what has happened after Kira’s death. Yeah, the legacy of Kira is at question here. 

The reference to the previous story did make it a pretty good read. If you haven’t read or watched the series before this spin-off, I would suggest you start the series. Even though it won’t ruin the first part, it was fine that there was a time jump of two years and the idea behind it was good. Although it didn’t amount as much as I thought it would, it was still an excellent idea. The story does seem to show that more stories can be told through the world of Death Note. This proves that having the squad that took down the original Kira and also other spin-off stories like the Death Gods who don’t like Ryuk could exist in future Death Note chapters.

Also, the smart character which I’m not going to name, fans of the series might have already guessed of who I am referring to or not. It is a great nostalgic feeling reading through the ramblings of the strategist although not the original person, who is one of the best characters in the series apart from Ryuk. The referencing through this one-shot is great and one of the best parts of the Manga. Also, the one-shot makes it feel like part of the Death Note universe and series. 

I liked the time jump until it went into how the original couldn’t have happened due to cameras and the widespread internet. It feels like it really hurts the original manga even though it does say that Kira could have thought of a way around it. The chapter felt like an easy way to get out of a plot hole. This is a world where Shinigami are real and cross the plane to reach humans and give them possible Death Notes. They are either bored or in Ryuk’s case want apples to eat. The one-shot takes this and throws it way too much into reality making it even political. If this was the case with the original, I don’t think I would have carried on with it; you’ll understand what I mean near the end of the book. 

The introduction of the American character was bad, and I liked the added rule. I didn’t like where the book went; it didn’t make sense to me. When different countries were mentioned in the story, it wasn’t a good idea and took a lot of enjoyment out of the story. It was already satisfying reading about an old character from the original series, but the introduction of places like America and China didn’t add anything good to the story. 

The ending (to me) was very easy after such a complex story with the one-shot of Death Note. The end was awkward in the last few pages and was too easy of an ending and slightly took away the potential of a good manga. If it had a different tone, then the chapter would have taken a slightly different direction.

The logic of Ryuk is really funny and works to his advantage which is far more than apples. Who wouldn’t do something they found interesting for the food they really like. The quirks behind the series are still there and are still part of what makes the series so good and exciting to read.  

The story of how the Death Note is actually used is well executed but its vision on the use was unheard of before. A great plot for the series to evolve although there could be so many ways the story could have evolved, this is only a one-shot so maybe one day in the future… It does show that the book can be used in many ways and fans of the show might think that Ryuk could come back to the human world again for more apples to see if humans will use the book differently again, let’s hope that’s right! Seeing Ryuk again in different circumstances would be great and this story shows that Light Yagami’s story could be one of many and this one-off could be part of something bigger in the future. Who doesn’t like seeing their favorite characters pop up in a reference or even return for another series?

 It was a great read with all the references to all the previous characters through the manga. If you are a fan of the series or seeing Ryuk in a new manga it is worth picking up this book. Altogether, If you’re not a fan of the series, this won’t change your mind. However, if you haven’t watched or read anything Death Note then reading this one-shot is not a good beginning for the series to read. This is a great read and if you’re a fan of the series you should definitely give this a chance not just to see Ryuk again but other characters as well.

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