Cosplayers Empowering Assertiveness

Anime is very known for diversity and often it plays in the genres of anime. Diversity is a welcoming quality of anime where the different shows are produced. The multiple shows available is an incentive for fans to explore the continuing and expansive catalog of content. Just as the diversity of shows are important so is the diversity in society. According to, diversity is playing a part in an empowering way of “black cosplayers.” Now, I think it is important for people to follow their passion and give their impact on society. The post today is about how the embracing anime influenced cosplayers to feel included and to go against stereotypes. These cosplayers of Shellanin, Kiera, Snitchery, BlackKrystel, and Mimi are all from Instagram and share their experiences of anime. Shellanin’s exposure of anime came from the introduction of Cartoon Network’s Toonami for anime. Suggested by Shellanin, “I want the world to reimagine what these characters would look like if they were me, a Black woman.” Kiera started her love of anime from a friend talking about Future Diaries. The series sparked her interest for anime and this passion for one fandom went to another through dressing up as characters. Snitchery began watching Japanese comics coming to life on screens when she found that the Pokemon franchise extended to more than just Pokemon Emerald. She has gone viral on Instagram for the makeup of anime characters mainly focused on headshots. BlackKrystel got her start in anime of shows showcasing bonds of friendship and following your gut. She feels strongly about anime that interoperates mental health and women in a positive fashion. Finally, Mimi’s anime passion soon took a jump further by seeing Princess Mononoke to transform her adult life. According to Mimi, “…we are expected to only cosplay within our race and not other characters who are non-Black.” Wholeheartedly, I believe people of any nationality, ethnic background, religion, orientation, skin color, disability, or any other state of fortitude should seek out interests of what they love to do. This wholesome story of emotions and high pathos is from Janae Price on

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