Chobits Anime Song Cover

Songs really capture the image and emotions felt in anime series. Sometimes, a cover of a song could be performed in a way that is different from the original but still brings a great performance. The cover being discussed is from hikky on the Anime Amino community blog. She did a cover of Chobits in which sounds really tranquil and smooth on the fingers by the artist. Chobits’ cover comes from the first soundtrack of the anime which was “Let Me Be With You.” Chobits introduces us to Hideki Motosuwa who is a very studious student trying to get into college. He stumbles upon an abandoned Persocom who has defaulted in her programming. Persocoms are personal computers where they resemble human beings and can be classified as intelligent life in some aspects. Hideki soon take the Persocom to his house and tries to play around with the circuits to restart the programming. She is rebooted and the only phrase that is in its vocabulary is Chii. Compared with other Persocoms, Chii has problems to download data about the world on her hard drive which then allows her to learn about the world from Hideki’s perspective. Now, Hideki has three problems of affording the world’s expenses, studying for difficult college exams, and teaching a Chobit about the world around them. Back to the cover, the inspiration for the song came by hearing it out loud. A song without musical sheets often requires lots of practice involving to listen to the arrangement yet alone self-taught is difficult. Hikky had to repeat six times for learning the song and performing it correctly.  I hope this entry for fans taking original source materials and making new with their sense of artistic vision. This song is a perfect example of an individual vision taken into an enlightening approach and how she made something exciting away from the original. The song and other details relating to it are on the aminoapps blog website below.

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