Children of the Sea Coming Soon

Gkids has gotten permission to distribute an anime feature of Children of the Sea in North America. Children of the Sea explores the world of Ruka where she learns to the mysteries of the sea. Ruka’s father works at an aquarium and at this aquarium Ruka is exposed to what she thinks was a ghost. She later develops a passion for the ocean and along the way she meets Umi and Sora. These unexpected friends soon find themselves in a world where they hear the calls of the sea. The calls of the sea are somehow related to mass disappearances of the world’s fish. What intrigues me the most about Children of the Sea is the type of genre the manga is written in? The style of the manga is similar to shōnen in how the genre attracts itself purposely to male audiences. The difference of the genres are that shōnen translates to boy and seinen translates to young. I know young and boy are roughly similar but seinen takes it a steps further by attracting young adults and sometimes 20 to 50 years old. The more broad seinen manga of 20 to 50 years old are usually displayed in comics like Weekly Manga Times and Weekly Manga Goraku. Suggested by the film’s producer and CEO of STUDIO4°C, Eiko Tanaka “With the help of our trusted North American partners at GKIDS, I sincerely hope that the film will greatly resonate with North American audiences.” Lets see if this film can deliver on its interesting plotline and interesting manga in the coming year of 2019. Whether you liked the post, the anime mentioned, or the staff involved in the film please visit the site below for more specific details of Children of the Sea.

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