Censorship In Dubbing Community

Anime gets watched in all kinds of languages and one that is the most present is in the United States community. Dubbing rights sometimes include changing the approach of the anime or the content seen in shows. The content that is changed could result in a very unliked word of censorship. Censorship is the action of filtering out content that is unwanted or editing an anime to meet an audience’s expectations. Today, I am taking reference from CBR on 20 times of anime getting censored. In Pokemon, there are numerous scenes that get censored but pretending that rice balls are jelly donuts is really icing on the cake. Yu-GI-Oh is known for trying to tame the violent appeal of the anime but fake finger pistols are really absurd in the show. A series that looked totally different from Japan’s version is Ghost Stories where the actors are mad libbing some of the scenes in the anime series. Shaman King attracts competing for the title of the anime and has black blood and blocked out religious objects. Astro Boy is a cult classic, yet Uran is considered to be Astro Girl in the series which is false information. Lastly, a series that is notoriously known for its fair share of censorship is One Piece. Sanji is shown in the dubbed anime of having a red sucker in his mouth which looks so out of place. Yes, I know most of the shows mentioned have some relation to the 4Kids streaming block and how they handled anime dubbing rights. The shows shown on this blog are just some of the examples that are presented from CBR’s showcase of dubbing censorship.

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