CBR’s OP Nonpowered Characters

Comments in this post are those of original content and was inspired by the video description. In the description of the video, CBR talks how powerful anime characters can be by describing them to be “astronomically overpowered” by the indication in power levels. To which that power is used for and feats associated with powers can thrown out of proportions. Feats are literally planet killers and reality distorting outcomes. Where powers come from are questioning to how creator envisioned the character and the story? The true sense of power is not just being superhuman but how abilities or talents are used in respected universes. Sometimes, the most powerful character in anime are characters of non-powered origins. These characters are limited in scope of powers but limitless raw potential to be equals of those to be considered superhuman. Check out the characters that were acknowledged on behalf by CBR YouTube channel. There even might be characters that are favorites of a particular Fanbase in a specific anime of character.
Suggested by CBR, “Soon, you’ll realize you don’t need to be born with it to be powerful.”


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