“Breaking the Limit…” in Boruto Manga

Important Notice: [SPOILERS] The spoiled content is kept at minimal to avoid major spoilers.

 Boruto Next Generations just released the 33rd chapter of the manga. The manga chapter explores the new villainess, Delta, who fights a surprising adversary. Delta represents an organization whose goals are to collect intel on juinjutsu as their plans are soon to be uncovered. Delta is able to fight on par with a jonin level ninja or higher in the manga chapter. She embraces the use of chakra and Scientific Ninja Tools in her fighting abilities. She is the kind of shinobi where qualifications do not matter along as your ability to fight is strong. The conflict involves the beginning climax of the Kawaki Arc where a mysterious organization is up to no good. Lastly, chapter 33 will reveal more answers as you read it and enjoy it. My source for this is the translated version of Gabariele Laurino’s article on Bortuo in Everyeye.it. Unless you can read Italian, I strongly suggest that you click Google’s translation of the page to see it in English.


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