Bat Crazy for Anime

Important Notice: [SPOILERS] The post today could contain minimal spoilers of the vampire genre anime.

Today is about a blog that honors a national holiday of Bat Appreciation Day. Bats are animals overcoming blindness via echo location and lurk in the dark like vampires. Yes, bats have a small relation to vampires but in the scheme of things it is a blog. In celebration of this holiday, the post is concerning popular vampire anime shows. A vampire cult classic is the Hellsing series where we have a vampire hunter and his conquests in hunting these foul creatures. Seraph of the End is a post apocalyptic world where vampires try to dominate the remaining humans. Vampire Knight takes place in the school genre and the vampires go to night school instead of day school. Blood Lad follows a vampire named Staz who wants to be otaku and live in the Japanese lifestyle. Rosario Vampire explores an all monster high school and one estranged human who has to be protected. Trinity Blood is an interesting anime where the human government, the Vatican, and the “New Human Empire” are in a cold war. Strike the Blood portrays Kojou Akatsuki who is in the Demon District and literally holds the power to change the balance of the monster society. On one last note, here is a quote from Hellsing series “To become a monster like me, is to admit you were too weak to remain a human.” – Alucar. I hope that vampires do not drink your blood in the near future and count on more posts tomorrow.

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