Avatar and Its Unresolved Questions

Important Notice: [SPOILERS] Unanswered Questions for the first Avatar series

Today, the blog is going to be a series that is heavily influenced by anime but is an animation made in the Western Hemisphere. The storyline revolved around a boy named Aung being the last member of his tribe. Yes, the series is Avatar: The Last Airbender and is a great collaboration of Japanese and American cultures mixed. It is a series that we call an anime-inspired animated show. The source material is similar to graphic novels. My favorite aspects of the show are the bending of the four elements and martial arts inspired fighting style. Just as the show has many marvels, it also has many unanswered questions throughout the show. In the beginning episodes, there is an alarming question of how a nation is able to transverse a high mountain range without accessibility to airships. Also, one of the elemental based tribes are divided into three separate entities and are still considered the same tribe. Fighting is almost always done hand to hand except when a nation decides to use fighting machines to invade its enemy. If there are events that boost someone’s bending potential, then why is there is an event that seems like an oxymoron if the source is the opposite of their element. Finally, probably one of the biggest questions concerning avatar is the interpretation of “We will be together for all of your lifetimes.” This quote is confusing because past memories of other lifetimes seem very complicated to understand with little reference material to the quote. I hope that this blog did justice for the very large fanbase of Avatar with minimal spoilers. For more interesting unanswered questions, read the article provided by Hannah Collins from Screenrant.


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