Audience Appeal In Anime

There are so many ways to engage audiences and viewers in anime.  It is important to appeal to the fanbase for the fans to create renewing admiration in anime and manga. The creators respond to this by making the overall goal of the series appeared in the artistic vision.  Approaching a goal in a series allows a purpose for entertainment and the rhetorical triangle. The rhetorical triangle consists of the author, the message, and the audience. The author crafts the message while the message influences the audience, and the audience responds to the author’s piece of work or creative vision. Today, we are discussing some of the factors behind goals for a series and how it could impact those fans who might love the series. These factors of goals are being geared towards funny moments, relationships, fight scenes, emotions, and cultural content. Funny moments are the times where people or events influence situations to the appeal to humor. For example, Sanji’s continuous attempts in One Piece to confess his love for Nami is funny because it often results in him getting seriously rejected by violence. Relationships are often depicted in anime as a means for the human appeal of a show. Love comes in many shapes and sizes like Natsu’s words explaining friendship “’You don’t die for your friends, you live for them!’ – Natsu Dragneel,” from Fairy Tail. Fight scenes have the morale of those defending their beliefs whether it is positive or negative. Fate/Zero has an epic fight of ideas between the characters of Saber and Lancer in winning the Holy Grail War for their masters. Emotions are a pivotal part of character development and are emphasizing the notion of what humanity is made of. A series that I think captures the emotional appeal of a show is No Game No Life where Sora and Shiro leading the charge for humans to be equivalent to other races. Cultural content is vast and represents heritage via animation of Japan and other inspirations. An anime that showcases Japanese culture is one of the longest running anime shows ever which is Sazae-san in a typical household setting. The next time you watch anime consider what you can personally take from the show. Hopefully, you can connect with a show and embrace the purpose behind it.

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