Anime’s Intelligent Life

Intelligence means testing abilities in life and seeing the results of the knowledge. Anime has times where life transforms into reality in superficial means. There are life forms that exist for purposes of artificial intelligence. Sibyl system in Psycho-Pass is a collective of persons who access the crime coefficient of people. The system is supposed to be objective and be able to not show empathy or sympathy. These individuals have the knowledge to bypass the system and are selectively chosen for this niche in society. Media plays a huge part in Summer Wars of a social media platform known as The OZ. It reflects the user’s personality and heavily relies on the world in the main operator for space satellites, personal bank accounts, and other daily life activities. The main problem occurs when a major security flaw took place messing up the perfect system. Augmon is a very likability Digimon and forms a strong bond with Taichi “Tai” Yagami. Digimon’s world is very complex and occurs between creatures sometimes warping through to Earth and vice-versa. Augmon undergoes a radical change through the show and explores a powerful friendship. Ritsu is a powerful assassin robot in Assassination Classroom. She is from Norway and is designed to kill even the likes of Koro-sensei. Eventually, the class takes her in as a student and starts to learn about humanity. Yui is a character in Sword Art Online and is found lost in the found in the forest. She was found by Kirito and Asuna on the 22nd floor in Aincrad and had memory loss. Overcoming memory loss, Yui is able to find knowledge beyond knowledge and operate as a highly intelligent program trying to be human with Kirito and Asuna’s happiness. Intelligence is proven again and again to overtake most situations and proves to us that life can be created as artificial. Artificial intelligence is a constant reminder for what we want and those around us involving technology and other causes to create fake life that seems real.

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