Anime’s Influence on Spaghetti

Anime’s Influence on Spaghetti

Today, January 4th, 2019, is National Spaghetti Day and people honor it by eating spaghetti day. Spaghetti means twine in Italian and on a side note the innovations of tomato sauce and meatballs are Americans styles to spaghetti.  

Usually, when you hear spaghetti, you instantly think of noodles and sometimes meatballs. Now, spaghetti and animated scenes that people think of are the Lady and The Tramp. These two dogs are enjoying their spaghetti and all of a sudden they are very close to kissing then break the noodles. The plate of that spaghetti looked good enough to eat just like the ones being mentioned today. Here are five examples of spaghetti to celebrate National Spaghetti Day in anime.

Yugioh’s Russian Roulette Spaghetti Dinner 

When is Yugioh is brought up, you think of the cards and the extreme takes of the games. Well, what if I told you that one of the notorious Shadow Games has spaghetti and other foods. In the manga, there is the Russian Roulette Dinner, known as Cuisine of Death Russian Roulette. This dinner is hosted by Mokuba played with Yugi Mutou and Katsuya Jonouchi. The spaghetti is one of the meals that are in a Russian Roulette style dinner. Typically this game is random with 1/6 chance of a bullet but one of the food options has poison instead. Keep in mind this dinner refers to Yugioh Zero anime which is darker than the Duel Monsters anime.  Anyway, Yugioh reluctantly eats the spaghetti and to his surprise no poison. Dark Yugi notices that Mokuba knew which plate was poisoned and he tricks i in the pasta. They talk about the old days and drink red wine from regular glasses. 

Spaghetti bolognese in Marko Porco

Marko Porco is a Studio Ghibli film that features a WWll pilot. If I just said that the film was about a pilot who was cursed and turned into a pig in old Italy, it might sound like a comedy film or a cartoon for kids, but Porco Rosso is about a man’s dream, friendship, and love. We see Porco visiting his old friend to repair his plane, there’s a scene where they eat pasta together. Very simple pasta with tomato sauce, and you can see some reddish food mixed in the pasta. They talk about the old days and drink red wine from regular glasses. Very casual and laid back. The scene reflects a peaceful transition in setting and provides a time to catch up on old times. This meal fits the message of following your dreams and Marko Porco flying in the “Age of the Flying Boat.” 

Hunter-X-Hunter Spaghetti Challenge

Gon and Killua find a mission from Ging, who is Gon’s father, about Greed Island. Greed Island is a game that allows people’s Nen abilities to fight in the game. It is a game where no one had won yet and Ging leaves the game behind for Gon to find Ging. Anyway, they try to prove their worth as contestants and be selected for Greed Island. They arrive at Antokiba and enter a restaurant where the chef presents before food before the tournament. He tells them that if they eat the mountain of spaghetti in 30 minutes or less they do not have to pay. Gon and Killua chow down on the huge helping of spaghetti and take the challenge head-on. They finished the challenge in the allotted time and they receive the Galgaida card. In the end, the card does not harper any advantage to the upcoming tournament on Greed Island. 

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Harlot Spaghetti 

The episode to find the Harlot Spaghetti is Part 4 in Let’s Go Eat Some Italian Food (Diamond is Unbreakable Story Arc). Josuke and Okuyasu are walking home when Okuyasu notices an Italian restaurant. It is called Trussardi’s and Tonio Trussardi himself is the owner, chef, and waiter all in one. He has a niche for creating food for his customers based on his observations by diagnosing their health ailments in front of them. His passion for food in the same as Sanji’s from One Piece in making people happy and healthy with food. He states all of Okuyasu ailments and Okuyasu feels offended. He offers many dishes until Harlot spaghetti is offered. Harlot Spaghetti has spaghetti, pitted olives, olive oil, anchovies, garlic, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, mise (parsley, salt, pepper, etc.) and parmesan cheese. 

Furthermore, these spaghetti dishes are not just for show but an appeal to circumstances beyond the meal. Let’s hope a day for honoring spaghetti and Italian cuisine in a nutshell. On National Spaghetti Day, eat some pasta and spend it with friends and family. 

Anywho, Hasta La Pasta, Baby.

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