Anime’s Explosive Firepower

Anime has many cases where characters or creatures have immense powers in their respected anime. However, power is not always defined as abilities but could be bloodline, use of weapons, intelligence, or overwhelming raw strength. So we are clear, power is something that comes in many variations and not all the time in these forms. Rei Ōgami has connections with the Lineage of the Hell Emperor in the show of Code:Breaker. His power is very explosive for reasons associated with the Flames of Purgatory (these flames are said to represent the seven deadly sins and incinerate them) and the fighting style based on the flames. Sasuke Uchiha is a character whose past is shrouded in darkness throughout the Naruto series. This darkness fuels his ambitions in more power and soon finds a visual jutsu, Amaterasu, which has a mysterious black flame that burns at the caster’s discretion for a week’s time. Egyptian God Phoenix, known as The Winged Dragon of Ra, is a monster in Yu-Gi-Oh! often requiring 3 tributes to normal summon. When The Winged Dragon of Ra is summoned, it gains immense attack points depending on card effects, and it definitely has a striking presence as one of the top boss monsters in a Divine-Beast deck. Mavis Vermillion was at one time a guild master of Fairy Tail and is known for as a master tactician. She uses these skills in battle to direct Fairy Tail members and if all else fails she still has Fairy Glitter and other powerful spells. Rebecca Lee has gotten coined the nickname of “Two Hands” in Black Lagoon. Revy’s abrasive fighting style earns her a tough reputation and various experiences in multiple firearms. These individuals and monster are very capable of explosive firepower in terms of brute strength, cleverness, combative skills, and fire-based techniques. As Marvel’s Spiderman once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” If you want to wield power, then consider the impact on those around you and close to you.

May 30, 2019

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