Anime Weddings and Mother’s Day

Parents are people who give a lot to have children and want them to succeed in life. Specifically, the mother is a job that requires commitment and sacrifice at times. A mom should be able to care, support, love or at least provide comfort to her children. The things above listed are generalizations of a mother’s possible role in a child’s life. Mothers are the ones who are there to ensure us from the good and bad, there for advice, there to encourage us, and there to keep us on the right path. Moms are also there to raise us and get us to live’s milestones like double digits in age, adulthood, graduation, or other important life achievements. One that stands out is when the child gets hitched or married. A wedding is a special time in life and mothers are sometimes overjoyed at the mere thought of it. Here are times where getting hitched in anime occurred and appeared magical on screen. Firstly, Usagi Tsukino’s wedding occurs in the 16th episode of Sailor Moon teaching the readers the value of waiting while marrying Tuxedo Mask. Secondly, Wedding Peach follows Momoko and Yousuke getting married in the final episode named “Last Wedding” proving that love conquers all. Next, Gurren Lagann has Nia and Simon getting married making love have an eternal impact. Finally, Naruto Shippūden’s wedding of Naruto and Hinata embracing the idea When You Love Someone Enough To Let Them Go of one specific character. A wedding is a time to join two people in love and a mother is essential for planning, giving ideas, and sometimes aiding the expenses. I say that a Mother’s Day should be spent with your mother and if not at least remember the times you spent with her. I hope everyone has a good Mother’s Day and be grateful for the many memories with her.

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