Anime Space Explored

Space is an entire subgenre of anime and many shows take place in space through battles or other planets. Today is National Space Day and tomorrow is a day of “May the Force be with you” in celebration of Star Wars on May Fourth. With back to back theme days of space, it would be an injustice not a list of space anime. These anime are Legend of the Galactic Heros, Space Battleship Yamato 2199, Space Dandy, Planetes, Space Brothers, and Gunbuster 2 or Diebuster. Legend of the Galactic Heros is an anime remake on Hidive streaming platform. The show explores two similar minded individuals who very clever and rage a galactic war with all the twists seen in the Gundam series. Space Battleship Yamato 2199 has the human population scarce and experience the decline from aliens. Yamato comes to the rescue and uses his spaceship to combat the threat of aliens. Space Dandy has a pretty interesting connection with Cowboy Bebop as Shinichirō Watanabe was both the director of Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy. Also, this is a show that makes the idea of bounty hunter funnier than Cowboy Bebop and each episode is done by different directors. Planetes follows a crew of passengers who are all janitors in a ship. They all take you on a journey with drama and romance along being on the ship in space. Space Brothers is a tale of brothers who to go to space. The experiences of the brothers make you feel close to them without knowing the characters in real life. Gunbuster 2 is a stand-alone series and they battle space monsters. Thanks for Natasha H on Crunchyroll News for her supporting piece on National Space Day.

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