Anime Rouge Protagonists

Anime has many stories to tell and goes into different kinds. One story that is always shocking is the main character losing control or being tempted by darkness. The dark side holds its victims tightly and squeezes the last bit of sin in a character. Going rouge is the concept of pursuing one’s interests to the point where following rules or customs are forgotten. Also, some characters discussed would not be said by name for major spoilers to some shows. Yomi Isayama from Ga Rei Zero edges between rouge and helpful mentor in Ga-Rei. She was supposed to bring honor to the Isayama Family by taking up the sword in the clan. However, a dark power known as Bane Stone (sesshōseki) made her fell tragically in corruption. Sengoku Youko has Yamato Jinka who releases too many power levels at once and ends up in a mindless state. The rouge aspect is taken after the time skip and involves a character trying to help Jinka. In the process of helping, the person doing the assistance becomes the tyke-bomb antagonist (a person raised at a young age or birth to serve a master with evil intentions) of the series. Yūji Sakai in Shakugan no Shana is a character who has a torch which is a human replacement whose Power of Existence was devoured. He merges himself with the Snake of the Festival that bestows great power. This is a great example of characters who think that they should be punished and justifies certain actions in the name of love. Higurashi: When They Cry has a character that later becomes the big bad in Umineko: When They Cry. This character is said to have lots of years and entirely becomes a different individual. The character falls into “Groundhog Day” loop (events repeats itself over and over) and into a fusion of all pain in time. Let’s not forget about Sasuke from Naruto and Shippuden. Sasuke has a rough upbringing and struggles with his past to which partly influences him to leave the Hidden Leaf Village and be a rogue ninja. His story is one of redemption and turning a new leaf in the end. There are many characters that could be label as rouge and potentially an unexpected villain. I hope that this entry follows suit with interesting plot holes with minimal revealing info about the anime mentioned.

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