Anime Rip-Offs

Anime is an industry where there are so many episodes and movies that it exceeds the human capacity for watching them all in a lifetime. In the world of anime, there are constant appeals to inspirations from other shows and other source materials. One source material that comes to mind is the releases of movies especially ones made by Hollywood. It makes sense that anime would take ideas from outside sources and vice-versa in foreign countries. However, this can be a problem when a creator in entertainment takes too many ideas from anime or other copyrighted material and possibly rip off a series. Here are cases where the argument of “a ripoff” was used in Lion King (Kimba the White Lion), Inception (Paprika), Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Nadia/Castle In The Sky), Lupin The Third (Arsene Lupin), and Daicon III And IV. Lion King made headlines when it debuted in the 1990s but had setbacks over accusations of ripping off Kimba the White Lion some 30 years before. Inception was a direct inspiration of Paprika and both movies follow the use of technology utilized in dreams. Yet again, Disney is accused of ripping off Atlantis: The Lost Empire from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water which actually ripped off Laputa: Castle in the Sky. The movies of Atlantis, Nadia, and Laputa are all movies that explore ancient civilizations and weapons of the past endangering the present. Lupin the Third is an anime that takes place after the story of Arsene Lupin as a sequel of the grandson. The legal circumstances of Lupin the Third was settled in international dubbing as the name was changed due to copyrighted reasons. Daicon III and IV are huge illegal animated shorts that were shown at Daicon Sci-fi conventions and made from amateur fans. Fun fact, GAINAX got its start from the Daicon shorts in anime festivals and the first name of the company was Daicon Films.

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