Anime Revelations Changing A Series

Revelations are moments in a storyline where something happens revealing shocking information. The shocking information usually changes an audience’s entire outlook in a show or manga on how they perceive it. This drives the plot and creates extreme tension for an atmosphere for more unexpected details about the source material. Times, where some of the greatest revelations are revealed, are Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece,  Kill La Kill, Assassination Classroom, Fate/Staynight: Unlimited Blade Works, Madoka Magica, and Re:Zero. The revelations would not be said for reasons to avoid super major spoilers. FMA Brotherhood is the second adaption of Fullmetal Alchemist and follows the manga better than the first one. Fuhrer Bradley is an unexpected character for deep secrets but also his family in the anime. Shinobi are always fighting in Naruto Shippuden especially Itachi. Itachi is the elder brother of Sasuke and has a redeeming quality after his major revelation. Who doesn’t want to be a pirate and explore the world’s oceans in One Piece? Ace has taken the One Piece world by a fiery explosion and continues to shock the heck out of people even in the Marineford Arc. Assassination Classroom is a great story of students learning the arts for killing in hopes to terminate their teacher. Korosensei is a being that is almost unkillable and his true reasons for being killed is very surprising. Fate/Staynight: Unlimited Blade Works is season 2 of the series and continues with the Great Holy War. Archer is a man of many mysteries but the one that is the most anticipated concerns his true name outside of Archer. Madoka Magica has a creature named Kyubey granting one wish to girls in return for them to become magical girls to fight witches. The revelation is answering the origin of witches and the irony of the magical girls’ fight against witches. Re:Zero is about history repeating itself daily in another realm. Subaru’s mistake involves a simple question and that answer changes the scope of the series. Remember, a good story has shocking twists and expect the unexpected.

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