Anime Memes Galore

Anime has moments in the plot where life and the show combine in relatable content. Fans capture these common moments and create new meaning with the established source material. Today is where fans take an image from anime and attach words to them. Memes literally make pictures closer to the saying of “A picture is worth a thousand words.” These memes will capture real-life experiences and bring life to new meanings in pixels advocating reality. The memes that are being discussed are When I Bring Food To School…, How Anime Looks When I’m Alone…, So You Think Anime Is Just For Children?…, Laziness Is The Mother Of All Bad Habits…, and When Somebody Mentions Cake. “When I Bring Food to School and my Friends Look at Me,” is a meme from Akame Ga Kill. There has to be a type of food where you would protect it like Kurome trying to protect her cookies in the photo. “How Anime Looks When I’m Alone,” is regarding when somebody like your parents comes in and questions what you are watching. It might be a little awkward when your parents or a friend come in to see either blood on screen in Attack On Titan or ecchi fanservice in No Game No Life according to the meme. “So You Think Anime Is Just For Children?” is a meme of Kuroyukihime from Accel World talking about maturity. People judge fans of anime and often think the shows are childish which some shows could traumatize children. Shikamaru is pictured in “Laziness Is The Mother Of All Bad Habits” which suits his character really well. His favorite catchphrase is “what a drag?” and laziness causes all kinds of problems which can trigger other habits like not working. “When Somebody Mentions Cake” describes the relationship of Natsu and Gray always fighting and Erza Scarlett breaking them up. The analogy of cake is perfect for Fairy Tail because everyone wants cake and Erza will even fight Natsu and Gray to get a good piece. These memes were really fun to discuss and there are another five memes on in the link below.

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