Anime God-Like Characters

Important Notice: [SPOILERS] The content could spoil characters mentioned and parts of anime shows of the involved characters.

In anime, we are introduced to characters whose powers seem like fictional gods and goddesses. These all-powerful characters either are aware of the powers or completely clueless to their powers. They have the ability to change everything in battles or even in everyday life of the surroundings n respected universes. To have the status of a god-like character is between the options of having the title of a god or having immense power to be god-like. The characters being discussed are Beerus – Dragon Ball Super, Haruhi Suzumiya – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Ryuk – Death Note, Belldandy – Oh! My Goddess, and Lain Iwakura – Serial Experiments Lain. Dragon Ball has many gods in the series but Beerus is the god of destruction in his realm and is a character who can destroy worlds at will. Goku tries to be a mentor towards Beerus in hope to teach him about humans’ potential in the world. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya finds Haruhi, who has powers that is unknown to her, trying to make sense about life. She has powers that are heavily depended on her mood and if a bad mood occurs then be prepared for reality changing events. Ryuk is shinigami or a death god of the Death Note series. He is a death god that loves apples and carries a death note similar to Light Yagami. Belldandy is a goddess that takes her job seriously and tries to limit her power in human proximity. Oh! My Goddess is a series that has gods and goddesses to protect Yggdrasil (a massive computer network) and was made in in the 1980s. Lain Iwakura explores the virtual reality of The Wire and starts to be omnipotent in the Serial Experiments Lain anime. Throughout the series, Lain starts to lose her sense of humanity and views society like a god looking down on humans due to The Wire. Remember, these characters are only a glimpse into the vast world of anime of god-like characters. Read a more in-depth experience about the characters in the SyFy Wire article by Brittany Vincent on the site below.

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