Anime Genres Explained

Today, I am writing an entry based on a panel that I am doing tomorrow at ReynoCon. The panel explores Anime Genres which are the major one as well the sub-genres. Action explores fighting sequences where it drives the plot and involves lots of battles among characters like Astro Boy. A sense of adventure involves characters traveling from place to place usually with traveling companions (InuYasha is one of those anime with traveling companions). Gintama is a comedy where hilarious situations occur for the ultimate goal of making you laugh. Nobody’s Boy Remi tries to connects with the viewers through the characters’ experiences of Remi living a life worthy of the drama genre. Tales of Little Women is a historical anime where the events of the Civil War are present and where a coming of age story occurs in the anime. Magic Knight Rayearth is an isekai or other world anime of three women being transported in an unlikely time of heroism as knights. In recent years, mecha has become a popular genre of humans piloting robotic suits usually for fighting especially in the Gundam series. Psychological is one of the most interesting genres of anime in my opinion and Pyscho Pass makes you question society in whether or not a government is just. Splice of Life is where life is just chill and makes you feel Free! Space Pirate Captain Harlock starts off with Captain Harlock catching the attention of his government in the age of space. Space is where an anime universe that includes the cosmic reality and is highly accompanied by mecha and Sci-Fi genres. I hope these genres were able to strike a chord in anime fans and even other genre related industries. The source that helped me a lot with this research was from Reelrundown.

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