Anime Games in Beta Versions

Anime includes multiple references to geek culture when it is brought up as a topic. There are topics that go hand and hand with anime like anime’s counterparts of manga, graphic novels, comics, magazines, or other influences on anime. Videogames are another anime-related topic and is newsworthy within the community. Two anime-inspired games that are coming up in late May are Granblue Fantasy: Versus and Code Vein. These two games are coming in the form of betas or a demo like playing style where players test the game before the official launch. Granblue Fantasy: Versus was based on the mobile predecessor under the same name in 2014. It is a role-playing gmae or RPG for short where characters have different races and artwork that will deliver eye-pleasing visuals. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy, then this game might appeal to your interest since Hideo Minaba is the director of the game. Hideo Minaba was the director of three titles in the Final Fantasy games of V, VI, and IX. According to PSLS, “Registration needs to be completed by May 23rd at 11 pm (PDT) / May 24th at 6 am (GMT).” Also, the beta is supposed to be played on May 31st from June 1st, 2019. Code Vein literally has fans roaring over them calling it an anime Dark Souls. A soldier is resurrected and is facing monsters who try to kill him all over again. Bandi Namco’s registration for the game is loose but their news release says it is happening sometime in May. The story of Code Vein is anime like for its story is very complex and characters who are heavily developed. I suggest that for the ones interested in registering to go Granblue Fantasy: Versus’s official website or Bandi Namco’s website for Code Vein. Final thoughts, both of these games are RPGs and takes influences from anime in fantasy or vampire genres in anime.

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