Anime Characters that Travels


Anime has lots of characters who travel around and make a name for themselves.  Traveling comes in many forms like going on quests or journeys, fleeing away from danger, leaving to train in faraway places, or traveling to different time periods, dimensions, and galaxies. Characters have to travel rather they like it or not for advancing the storyline and keep moving forward. Howl is always moving around place to place so much that is shown to multiple addresses and aliases. He has many responsibilities as a wizard of several names and obligations in different cities due to his identity crisis. According to Michael Fisher (Howl’s apprentice in the magical arts), Howl is the type who that “hates being pinned down to anything” which insight to him almost always running away from his problems.  Fuu is a person who is looking for the  “Samurai who smells of sunflowers” in Samurai Champloo. She later meets Mugen and Jin in the show who try to help in her obsessive pursuit over this mysterious individual. This unlikely trio forms a strong sense of belonging despite Fuu finding herself in a tough pickle. Fai D. Flowright is a spellcaster in Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and wants a life that is simple. He goes to Yūuko for assistance and eventually resigns in another dimension. “The Big Cat” (Fai) tries to escape his past through Syaoran’s group of allies but has to face it at some point. Holo from Spice and Wolf is a harvest deity for the town of Pasloe in the form of a fox. She meets Lawrence, a traveling merchant, who is just passing by during the town’s harvest. Lawrence gets a contract with Holo to return her to Yoitsu, Holo’s homeland. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing has an interesting upbringing of a child really young being adopted into a traveling space circus. She is a knife thrower in the circus and recruits many people in the circus as well. Having been in the circus, Catherine Bloom is very adaptable in flying a Gundam and being a circus performer. Sometimes, traveling costs while other times it just being there at the right time and place.  Anime uses traveling as a venue for expanding the plot and making it more interesting with lots of situations.

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