Anime and The Four Horsemen

Important Notice: [SPOILERS] The blog would contain spoilers involving characters that are referenced through personalities and actions concerning the Four Horsemen.

Today is a challenge from the amino anime page on the Four Horsemen. The goal of the challenge was to use characters from anime and explain the four characters and connect them to the Four Horsemen. I found an entry that really got my attention which was by『❦』Ally 『ssq 』on the anime amino page. Four Horsemen are often depicted as a precursor to the apocalypse and are deeply rooted in my religion of Christianity. Anyway,『❦』Ally 『ssq 』’s version of the Four Horsemen is as follows Isabella from The Promised Neverland, Seraph of the End’s Guren Ichinose, Gakuhō Asano from Assassination Classroom, and Hell Girl’s Ai Enma. Isabella is the horsemen of conquest which she exercises her control through love and comfort to the children at the orphanage. She literally rides the white horse of triumph and majority of the time she exceeds in creating an atmosphere of selling human cattle. Guren Ichinose is the horseman of war and is shown as the Lieutenant Colonel of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army in Seraph of the End. Guren is the embodiment of war, for he is soaked in the blood in those who died in his selfish pursuit of restoring a friends life which had great consequences on humanity in the anime. Gakuhō Asano is the symbolic horseman of famine in Assassination Classroom. As the board chairman of Kunigigaoka Junior High School, Asano executes control through the motion of the strong surviving and Class-E represent the “undesirables” of Asano’s educational plans. Kunigigaoka Junior High School has the elite portion of students where they receive better education and Class-E students who are the poor and have malnutrition in their education. Ai Emna is the horseman of death for she died and came to back as a messenger of death. Ai is Hell Girl in the anime and the Master of Hell used her hatred for vengeance as a tool for granting death to a person’s enemy. I hope that by condensing 『❦』Ally 『ssq 』’s blog about the Four Horsemen gave clarity to the characters involved and the anime shows referenced.

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