An Anime Location Changing Hands

Anime takes inspiration from many ideas and sources but one idea is a real life place. Famous places depicted in anime are places like Dogo Onsen, Ehime Prefecture (a.k.a Yubaba’s bath house in Spirited Away), Mount Fuji in lots of anime, and Akihabara (known as the Electric City or Town and undisputed capital for anime fans). A very known place throughout in anime is the music shop displayed in K-On. K-On’s music shop is actually called Akitaya Musical Instrument Shop. The shop is located on Paseo Street in Fukushima City, Japan. According to the anime, the music shop’s location is in Kyoto but real life is Fuksuhima City. I guess when it comes to vision creativity a creator can choose different aspects to incorporate and the change of locations in K-On is just one example. Unfortunately, the Akitaya Musical Instrument Shop would close its doors in the coming days on March 31, 2019. The closing is limited to changing locations to a different spot in Fuksuhima which is called Satsuki-cho. The sad news is that the original version of the building might look different due to the change of hands. I do not know if the new location of the instrument shop would look similar to the version in K-On or not. I hope you enjoyed this blog entry and please see the Twitter responses of people’s reactions of the news of the closing on the website below.

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