7 Seeds’, Anime Review

Would you belive someone telling you that your future would be ever changed by one event? You will probably not believe any of the foolish words spewing from their  mouth. Well, this event is the circumstance of the characters in 7 Seeds. 7 Seeds is an anime launched by Gonzo in partnership with Netflix as a Netflix Original Anime series. The magazine started in the early 2000s and tells the tale of a  post-apocalyptic future of Earth. We start the series with glimpses of Natsu Iwashimizu in her corridors on a sinking ship to only be brought on a paddle boat. Arashi Aota, Semimaru Asai, the older Botan Saotome, and Natsu is all at sea trying to seek a refuge on a nearby island. Everything is changed for them when the rocky island reveals some startling secrets about their current reality and how they got to the island first of all. I like how the anime is presented in extreme situations and characters trying to survive like a sport team striving for victory but in the wild. I personally love the tale of star-crossed lovers’ theme because it constantly connects the overlapping storylines and flashbacks to focus. Be aware this anime is raw and unfiltered in violence, language, and other mature content. “The main focus is survival, life and death, adventure,mystery, but also social interactions, relationships on different levels, working together, overcoming one’s weaknesses, discovering what happened, self-reflection and growth.” from Folipurba’s review on 7 Seeds on MyAnimeList.  All of these things surface and more in the 7 Seeds anime. I hope people will watch this not just for the archetypes but also the mystery behind the meaning of 7 Seeds.


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