50 Years of Shōnen Jump

The game Jump Force is a recent addition of an anime themed fight game. Bandai Namco Entertainment developed the game and wanted to launch with various anime characters. The anime that are included in Jump Force are One Piece, Bleach, Hunter X Hunter, Dragon Ball, Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures and a few more worth mentioning. The Shōnen Jump universes are thrown into chaos when the Venom army invades. The Venoms include mind controlled villains from across the Shōnen Jump reality and are lead by Kane and Galena. The heroes from across the universes come together and defeat their former enemies to restore balance to chaotic mess of a reality. Fun fact, Light Yagami gets involved in The conflict because the merging of different realities makes his death note ineffective. Jump Force has 40 characters involved in the conflict with heroes and villains alike. Whose going to win  the clash of a lifetime to restore not only peace but world changing events. See for yourself the complexness of the game and awaited anime fights. Check out the IGN explanation of the character backgrounds plus a sneak peak at various characters fighting in the awesome world of Jump Force.


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